Gas Separation Membranes

Membrane based gas separation processes have found increased application over the past decades. Due to their intrinsic advantages such as low energy consumption, no use of chemicals and less moving parts resulting in potentially lower operation and maintenance costs. Based on core technologies from our photographic history, Fujifilm developed a unique gas separation platform technology. This platform makes it possible to customize membranes for specific applications.

Gas separation membrane principle

Fujifilm offers spiral wound membrane elements for selective gas separation. These membrane elements contain semi-permeable polymeric membranes. Separation is based on difference in permeation speed between different gasses. Driving force for permeation is partial pressure difference over the membrane. Fujifilm membranes enable high permeation and permeation differences between gasses resulting in high flux and high selectivity. Furthermore Fujifilm’s unique polymer type and structure ensure high durability and stability.

Sprial wound membrane module principle


The Fujifilm gas separation membrane platform technology can be used to develop various new products for natural gas and industrial gas treatment applications.